Table To Stage Podcast – Photos & Links

In Jordan Werme’s Table To Stage Podcast from July 31st we talked about a whole pile of things, so here’s a timeline of links to each photo we discussed during the interview, as well as a few links to other things that came up:

03:00 – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Photos

08:15 – Soldier on Colchester Town Green, Nov 10, 1905

09:48 – Disney Riverboat Cruise

11:05 – Epcot Spaceship Earth & Magic Kingdom Characters on Grass

13:03 – Art’s Sportsmens Tavern

20:25 – St Andrews Passion Play Photos and their website here

22:35 – Little Black Photo Booth

30:35 – Colchester Mill Fabric (Levine & Levine)

32:45 – Jack Delano’s Library of Congress Gallery (not Frank, like I thought his name was was during the podcast)

33:00 – Nursery School Graduation & Fedus House

33:55 – Harry’s Place, October 1979 (and source photos sample)

35:36 – Cinderella’s Castle

40:30 – Olio and on Facebook here

41:25 – Azure Window Collapse (Maltese island of Gozo)

43:15 – Jeff Dunham and on Facebook here

44:00 – The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland

45:25 – Fox Farm Brewery (facebook) & Fat Orange Cat (facebook)

Check out Jordan’s podcast Table To Stage and you can listen to our talk here.