More Windows To The Past

Continuing the Windows To The Past project, here are some from the last few weeks:

Town Green – Colchester, CT – July 2011 mixed with November 10, 1905.
(The name of of the officer is not known.)

Art’s Sportsmen’s Tavern (1940’s) at the present location of Cafe on Main (2011) in Colchester, CT.
Shown are Leon Shedroff, Paul Groobert, Philip Liverant, Alex Garrick and Richard Adler in front of the tavern, owned by Arthur Zupnik.

Harry’s Place – Colchester, CT. This is May 2011 mixed with October 1979.
The 1979 photo was provided by Chris Burrows and to see more of his collection of 1979 Colchester checkout his gallery here:

For more details on these photos and tips on how they were created, please see this post.