Hello!  I figured it’s time to add some information about me on here, with the typical details like background and interests.  I’ll be updating this post soon, but  a little information is below.


The Copy & Paste Bio

Sometimes I’m asked for a short bio for a press release or newsletter.  One you are welcome to copy is below, but feel free to modify it or contact me with any questions if you need more information:

Rich is a photographer and IT professional born and raised in Colchester, CT. He has been a photographer for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build in Voluntown, CT and many theater and music performances across CT.

While specializing in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and theater/stage photography, Rich has recently been working on a project he calls Windows To The Past. For this type of photography an old photograph is held in front of the camera in the same location the original picture was taken. This allows you to see a photo of the past, surrounded by the present day.

To see examples of this and Rich’s other photography, visit his website at:  www.richarsenault.com