Windows To The Past – Colchester Fedus House & Nursery School Graduation

Last month, Jordan Werme of the Table To Stage podcast and I sat down to talk photography, photo booths, and my Windows To The Past project.  You can listen to it here and to give us something new to talk about I compiled the two photos below.

We talked about quite a few other photos as well, so here is a post listing everything we reviewed during the interview.  Now, on to our new photos:

Window To The Past – Colchester Fedus House

Originally on Main Street in Colchester, CT this house was relocated to Rt 151 in Middle Haddam, CT.  The old photo used is courtesy of Gerard Dauphinais‎ and the present day photo is from June 2018.

Window To The Past – Colchester Nursery School Graduation – 1977

Here we have the first Window To The Past that I’m actually in! This is a photo from my nursery school graduation in 1977, at Day Hall in Colchester, CT.  The present day photo is from June 2018.

Now head on over to Jordan’s site and check out our interview as well others.  He’s covered a wide variety of artistic topics so far, so whether you’re interested in music, theater, comedy, gaming, or something else – he has an interview for you to listen to!