Colchester Community Theater’s Cinderella

Well that didn’t take long – I only made it 6 weeks into posting my weekly photos before I missed a week.  I could blame the missed photo 2 weekends ago on the massive snowstorm, and last weekend was spent lighting CCT’s Cincerella – but those would be some pretty bad excuses.  Why didn’t I post a snowstorm photo or something from last Friday when I was shooting some of the performance?  I don’t know – but I’m back!

Weekly Photo – Colchester Community Theater’s – Cinderella

If you know me or if you’ve followed by blog for a while you may know I do the lighting design for the Colchester Community Theater.  Mixing theatrical lighting and photography is a blast, especially to preserve the look of what I created on stage.  It’s not always an easy process though, so while the photo below I shot from the lighting booth, most of the Cinderella photos were shot by Kelly Whipple.  She comes to dress rehearsal, I pass her my camera, and a few hours later I get it back with hundreds of amazing photos to review which I would never be able to shoot myself.

I then do the final editing and put a gallery together, but if it wasn’t for Kelly I would have a fraction of the Cinderella photos you’ll see here. Thank you Kelly for your incredible photos!  Those of you reading this, please check out Kelly’s blog here.

Colchester Community Theater - Cinderella

Another Photo – 65 Heads

A few years ago I started shooting all the headshots the CCT posts in the lobby before a show.  Since most of my work with the group is done on an empty stage without the cast or when they are there I’m up in the lighting booth, this has been a fun way to meet the cast every year and catch up with old friends.

If you’re on this photo and you would like a copy of your headshot, click the photo to head over to the gallery.  Find your photo and you can download a copy one of 2 ways:

– Move your mouse over the large photo and click on the save photo icon at the bottom of the toolbar
– Click on the large photo and then click on the “save” link at the top of the screen.

Any questions just let me know!