Amber Ale In The Conical

About a year ago I told my friend Bruce I wanted to give home brewing a try.  Little did I know he had already picked up a kit for my birthday.  Not only did that birthday mark the beginning of a new decade (again!?) it started a new hobby, and with any hobby I always have an eye out for upgrades or ways to improve.

Today was our first brew day of 2013 and the 2nd time I’ve used this new fermenter.  A bottom outlet, side outlet, tri-clamps, butterfly valves – this is an excellent upgrade for home brewers.  Dumping trub and yeast out of that bottom outlet leads to a much clearer beer with very little sediment.

While Marty Mcfly oversees the fermenter, today’s Amber Ale has already started bubbling and will be bottled in about 2 weeks.

Weekly Photo – Amber Ale In The Conical

Conical Fermenter