River Road Railroad Bridge

Weekly Photo – River Road Railroad Bridge

Built in 1887  so the Air Line Railroad could pass over River Road in Colchester, this bridge is still in daily use today as part of the Air Line Trail.

River Road Stone Arch Railroad Bridge

Working on this photo last night, I was pretty happy until I noticed something that almost caused me to not use it.  See those roundish water stains on the ceiling of the bridge?  A closeup look shows they are not stains on the bridge but spots on my lens.  I could have scrapped the photo and pulled out something else, but I figured I would use it as a reminder to myself to always check the lens before shooting.

A couple years ago I did a set of HDR photos and then realized while processing them they were all shot at 1600 ISO, which turned onto a noisy mess when processed.  Since then I’ve always double checked the camera settings and never had that problem again.  Now I’ll be taking a closer look at the lens I put on to make sure this ever happens again too.