Air Line Brewing – A Logo & Bottles

Earlier this year I started thinking about coming up with a brewery name for home brewing.  Will turn this into a business at some point?  I don’t know, right now it is just a hobby, but why not come up with some ideas anyway?

Fast-forward a couple months and we have a name, a logo, and even bottles:

Weekly Photo – Air Line Brewing Bottles

As anyone local will most likely guess, the Air Line Brewing name & logo came from the Air Line Trail.  The trail was originally the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad which passed through Connecticut in the late 1800’s.

The bottles are 32oz Boston Rounds, aka “Growlettes”, which I ordered through Grandstand. They are not the most common home-brewing bottle, but I did a test run with them on my last batch.  Being easy to clean, fill, and cap they worked out perfectly.  Grandstand has a minimum order of 48 (with or without printing), but if you want to try out blank ones on a smaller scale Uline carries them in cases of 12.

Splurge on good caps though!  The Uline bottles come with paper-lined caps, which are not going to hold pressure once carbonated.  Look for caps with a “Polycone” liner, which is flexible plastic cone inside the cap.  I’ve used those for both growlettes and growlers and they are excellent.  Your local home brewing supply shop may have them for growlers, and I bought the growlette caps from Grandstand.

I have a blueberry wheat in the fermenter right now, which will be going into these bottles in about another week.