Easily Add Facebook Friends to Twitter (Updated 1/2/2013)

For a while I’ve wondered if there was a simple way to search Twitter for all my contacts on Facebook, but other then looking around for tools to export a list of Facebook friends I haven’t really worked at it.

Until now.  I recently read that you could import Facebook contacts to a Yahoo.com email account (thank you lifehacker.com) and after experimenting I soon found a simple way to search Twitter for all your Facebook friends:

UPDATED!  (1/2/2013)
Yahoo has made changes since the last update was written, so here are the updated steps.  (Screenshots coming soon, really – I mean it this time!)  Also, some time after my last update Yahoo changed their import process and only imports 300 contacts now.  I’ll look at workarounds for this.

  1. Create/Sign In to Yahoo.com Mail account.
  2. Select Contacts > Import Contacts, and import your Facebook contacts.
  3. On Twitter click Discover > Find Friends > Search Contacts (to the right of the Yahoo logo), and import your Yahoo contacts.
  4. You will then see a list of the Twitter accounts it finds with matching email addresses.

I’m going to do some additional testing, and look for other options.  It appears Hotmail can import facebook users, but it’s failing to import email addresses for me, even though it gives you that option.  I’ll see what I can find out.