Window To The Past – Goodspeed Opera House

With the Relay For Life keeping me busy up until last weekend, I’ve fallen behind on weekly photos.  Then a couple days ago I noticed on Facebook that the East Haddam Swing Bridge was having a birthday.  It opened 100 years ago on June 13th, 1913.  The old photo I used below is from that day in 1913 when the bridge opened, and it shows a very festive Goodspeed Opera house all decked out for the opening.  Not to mention it was Flag Day as well.

There’s a great photo on their facebook page of someone paying a toll to pass over the bridge.  I was originally planning to use that photo, but since the bridge has no sidewalk for pedestrians I would have to be on the bridge in traffic to replicate the photo.  So the Goodspeed pic was used instead!

Weekly Photo – Window To The Past of the Goodspeed Opera House (1913)

How It’s Made

Here is a “How It’s Made” image showing the source photos.  In the top-left you can see me holding the print trying to get everything lined up to find the right spot to take the photo.  Then on the top-right is the the shot used for the background.  Usually I use the source shot from holding the old photo when merging them together, but this time that was only used to find the location – I used a jpg copy of the old photo to overlay on top of the background.