Colchester Town Green – Christmas 2012

Where Did 2012 Go?

Looking back on my blog posts for 2012 didn’t take long – there were none.  I’m not exactly sure how that happened, or how the year flew by as quickly as it did.  In 2012 I updated the gallery with a few Windows To The Past photos, and the yearly CCT and Passion Play shows, as well as the Country Music Talent Show which was new for 2012, but that was it, and I never even posted about them!

So for 2013 I’m bringing back the Pic A Week project from 2010 and we’ll see a few random posts throughout the year as well.  New photos will usually be up on Mondays, except for today’s which is below.

Weekly Photo – Colchester Town Green, Christmas 2012

Each year the town of Colchester, CT installs these arches and lights up a tree and the gazebo for the holidays.  This was shot Sunday 12/30 after we received about a foot of snow the previous night.  Amazingly no one had even walked down the path yet.